The Costumier stocks Set Bags designed for Costumiers, Stylists, Standbys, Dressers and Dressmakers.

Run by a working Costumier with 20 years in the industry, with hands on experience of what is needed in a perfect Set Bag for running onto set, for checks, dressing or tweaking a costume in a fitting.

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The Costumier Set Bags are an essential kit bag for stylists, costumiers... 

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The Costumier Hipster a favourite Set Bag amongst Costumiers and Stylists.

The Costumier Hipster, a favourite set bag amongst Stylists and Costumiers.

Designed with Costumiers and Stylists in mind, a bumbag style bag, big enough for all your sewing kit yet small enough to not get in the way whilst doing checks on set. A real hands free sewing kit on set bag.

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