STANDBY ON SET - What Kit should I take?

STANDBY ON SET - What Kit should I take?

So you've just signed your deal to work as a STANDBY on set. Fantastic! But what kit do you need?

It changes from job to job and different costume teams, but I would say I would take my KITBAG PRO filled with all my essentials from sewing, mending, altering from sharpies and electrical tape, to hem tape and spray check. I'd keep my KITBAG PRO at base, on the truck along with my SMALL STORAGE BAG with my extra coat, wet weather gear, stain removers and personal bits.

I'd take on set a SMALL STORAGE BAG, with my foldable seat, extra layers, hand held steamer and small hairdryer.

I'd wear my HIPSTER filled with all the quick essentials and specifics needed to do checks on cast.

I would bring my KITBAG on set for trickier set ups and I wouldn't leave home without my lint roll and double sided tape !

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