Costumier Kit Bag. What makes a good on set bag??

Costumier Kit Bag. What makes a good on set bag??

What makes a good on set kit bag?

Well I find that you never stop adding to your kit over the years and the possibilities are never ending.

Days on set and location often leads you to realising you don’t have something you need and perhaps having to make do with what you have, asking another costumier or being inventive to create a make shift tool to solve a costume malfunction or weird request from the director!

So we start with the basics…

Needles, Threads, Safety Pins, Wet wipes, Lint Roller and keep on adding.

Kimble Tag Gun

For me this is the most valuable item for on set/location work. Kimble Tag Guns can attach a variety of fabrics together much like an individual stitch, in one pull of the trigger. Great for quick fixes and alterations when on camera and no time to get the sewing machine out or thread your needle.

Electrical Tape

I find having electrical tape in as many colours as possible a great and easy fix when you are faced with a piece of clothing with branding on that you are not authorised to alter. A quick piece of tape covering the logo is all you need for a wide shot of background artists.

Toupee Tape and Double Sided Tape

I HAVE to have these tapes in my kit. I always need to stick a collar down, a scarf to stay in place for continuity, a blouse slipping to low, the end of a belt flapping, the uses for this stuff is endless. Stronger the better!

Belt Hole Punch

I use this more often than not, when dressing someone with a brand new belt, more often than not the hole is in the wrong place. A quick punch through the leather and job done.

Stain Removers

Essential ! Actor get’s a stain - Remove it and fast! I find SHOUT my favourites

Chalk - Cover Spot

Great for stain removal too. I have chalk in a metal casing, the same as the camera department use. I love it!


I can go on and on for days on end…

Check back for more recommendations.

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