Behind the Scenes - Studio Shoot

Behind the Scenes - Studio Shoot

Arrive for a shoot in style looking professional and feeling organised. 

You don’t want to arrive to a shoot with a ton of plastic bags filled with garments that are all squashed and creased up, or with those scruffy plastic storage bags that are cheap and tatty.

Arriving with the set of black Costumier bags looks not only stylish and professional but keeps you organised too.

The Costumier Storage Bag range all come with a clear plastic sleeve on the top of the bags to insert swing tags and label up clearly so you know where everything is.

The range includes Small Storage Bag, contrary to its name, can fit a steamer and iron easily.

Medium and Large are great for fitting a large amount of shoes and garments.

The Large Flat Storage bag is great for organising individual characters or looks. You can put together a whole character, put the garments on hangers and hang them from a webbing loop. You can also fit a number of accessories in the two zipped up pockets on the inside.

Wear the Hipster on your hips, filled with your essential habby, you'll then have your hands free and ready to go.





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