New Set Bag in Development

New Set Bag in Development


We are currently developing an On Set / Standby Kit Bag and want your thoughts...

A belt with small removable pouches and pockets to fit all the usual essentials. 

Would you like a holder for your radio / walkie talkie? A specific pouch for your lint roll?

When I first started out as a Standby in Costume I had an Electrician's tool belt for my kit. It was great in principle but it was bulky with pockets made for hammers and drills, not small snips and threads! It's been in the pipeline for a long time time now and feels the right time to get it out there. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and understand what kit you need on set so we can develop specific pouches to hold your essentials.

Please email us your thoughts.

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Thank you

We appreciate your thoughts


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